• Abortionist Sentenced to Prison for 18 Months for Doing Illegal Late-Term Abortions јун 28, 2016
    After legal proceedings that stretched out five years, the man who ran a Spanish clinic that performed hundreds of late abortions on pregnant British women will be going to jail. A Spanish judge sentenced Carlos Morín to 18 months for performing illegal late-term abortions. Morín’s operation was first brought to the public’s attention by the […]
  • Canadian Woman Sues for the Right to Assisted Suicide Even Though She Isn’t Dying јун 28, 2016
    That didn’t take long. When Parliament legalized euthanasia for people with medical conditions leading to “foreseeable” death, many in the media and among the “experts” yelled that it was too restrictive. And unconstitutional. Based on the Supreme Court’s forcing of Belgium-style euthanasia into the country, they are probably right. Let the lawsuits begin. From the […]
  • Woman Put Her Newborn Baby Girl in a Plastic Bag and Suffocated Her јун 28, 2016
    Last week a Zanesville, Ohio, jury convicted Emile Weaver of “aggravated murder, gross abuse of a corpse, and two counts of tampering with evidence for placing her newborn baby girl in a plastic trash bag on April 22, 2015, suffocating her,” according to the Columbia Dispatch’s Jennifer Smola. The jury took less than an hour […]
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